Professional Furnace Vacuum Cleaning

Universal Power Vacuum delivers more than just a regular furnace checkup! The air quality inside your home or place of business is a measure of health. We clean your HVAC system thoroughly so you can breathe easier. A furnace may contain dust, pet hair and dander, and other unhealthy debris that builds up over time – we’ll remove it with our high-powered truck unit. Even the outside air that comes into your furnace carries pollutants and pollen with it. Your furnace filter can only catch so much dirt before it becomes inefficient or overwhelmed. Cleaning your furnace vents and ductwork can mean alleviating the health problems related to allergies from dust mites, mould, mildew and pet dander. After hiring our furnace cleaning services, customers often notice a cleaner, fresher smell in their homes.

Air Exchangers Cleaned

All Brands of Furnaces Cleaned

As part of our process, we clean the circulation space, fresh airways and combustion airways, power vacuum the ductwork, then clean and wipe down the exterior of the furnace, and ensure all debris caused by the cleaning is removed.


Our detailed quotes leave you with no hidden fees or surprises. As local owner/operator technicians, we stand behind our work with a personal guarantee. It is our goal to maintain the trust we have earned by contractors, commercial and residential customers.

Free quotes are processed through email or printed. Residential quotes can be completed over the phone. We offer commercial clients prompt site visits (COVID compliant) to assess and quote on the details of what you need.

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